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About Delta Security & Hospitality

Delta Security & Hospitality currently employs approximately 60 agents on a regular basis, and has a large recruitment file to respond to exceptional needs.

All our agents are carefully selected for their psychological and physical aptitudes, their training and their experience in the field. After this rigorous selection, Delta Security & Hospitality adopts a personnel management policy that provides regular employment for its agents so that the management gets to know each of them personally. They receive active refresher training from the physical and psychological standpoint to keep their skills perfectly adapted to the needs of the assignments entrusted to them. This excellent knowledge of the profession enables Delta Security & Hospitality to correctly assess each assignment and to offer accurate prices, so Delta Security & Hospitality clients get no unpleasant surprises when it comes to budgets. In the same spirit, Delta Security & Hospitality maintains its growth so that it can be very close to its clients to create a climate of trust. Delta Security & Hospitality drafts surveillance and intervention reports for each client on a regular basis.

Keeping up with technological evolution

Delta Security & Hospitality has chosen to take advantage of technological progress to reinforce its organizational assets. We use specialized software to determine timetables in order to rationalize the organization of assignments and have an instant overview of where all our agents are located.

Delta Security & Hospitality also has an electronic clocking-in monitoring system for rounds to be sure everything progresses as planned. Finally, the Delta Security & Hospitality fleet of vehicles is equipped with the most modern communication and geo-location tools.

Respect for procedures

Delta Security & Hospitality makes a point of complying strictly with all current legislation on guard activities. Delta Security & Hospitality is internationally approved by Federal Services. This approval, which requires special insurance for the surveillance sector, is a pledge of compliance with good practice.